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Allright. New start. It got to be more than a year since the last update. The 650b is doing fine and I’ve really enjoyed it both here in Norway and on a week long holiday with Pure Mountains in the Alpujarras area in Spain. I’ve managed to finish two more frames during the year. Both Elisabeth’s and Øyvind’s finally came together. Øyvind reports that he’s really, really happy with his singlespeed:

Øyvind showing of his Johnsen

I’ve done numerous repairs, alignment checks (and some bending – or should I say heavy manipulating?) and modification. The most interesting one was a Colnago with a severely twisted, bent and broken off derailleur hanger. It took some thinking and quite a bit of work, but I turned it from being on the edge of becoming landfill to becoming a full functioning and nice looking frame.

Colnago dropout repair

The next weeks and months will most likely be filled with three projects. One classy urban commuter bike, one hardcore racing hardtail and a singlespeed for myself. I also have to find room for my new Bike Machinery Hydra frame fixture. I stumbled upon this when a Danish bike manufacturer moved their production overseas. Quite excited about that. It’ll complement my Anvil Journeyman fixture nicely, and will allow me some flexibility to work on two projects at the time.
Utter toolishness: Bike Machinery Hydra jig

As a part of the deal I also bought a new, more precise and larger alignment table. Both items should be on the way from Denmark tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to getting them into the shop.

Well, that’s it for now. Oh, I just put up a page with some hard to get tooling information. Mostly for reference for other builders, but it might be interesting to have a look at for others as well.

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