Revised logo and some updates

My logo-guy ( sent the latest revision on my logo today. I’m really happy with it, and I have a strong feeling that we’re closing in on the final version now. Things have been pretty hectic around the house so I’m a tad behind schedule with the frames that should be done before summer. Øyvinds […]

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A week in Niles, Michigan

Earlier this month I headed over to Niles, Michigan to visit master framebuilder Doug Fattic for ten days of one-to-one tuition (and correction?) of my techniques. The stay was awesome and I learnt a lot, gained more confident in the stuff I’ve allready done and picked up quite a few tricks of the trade. Here’s […]

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Loads of photos on flickr

Yeppers. Feel free to browse the photos in the Johnsen Frameworks gallery on There will be a photo-gallery on these pages as well, but it might take a few weeks before it’s fully operational. In the meantime I share my personal photos with you. Here’s my current ride: And a couple of snapshots of […]

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