Spring is passing much faster than planned, and my full-time employer needs me as well. But I do get some stuff done. After the machines was put into place I disassembled the carriage and apron to change one of the gears:

I managed to find a new gear from a Swedish supplier (Torshälla is a swedish brand that is now long gone), which of course is amazing since the lathe is from 1952! When I was at it, I picked apart the slides as well, just to make sure everything is ok.

Aboult halfway through the repair I was sent to Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) for work, and I managed to find a really nice bar:

The disassembly of the apron went trouble-free, and the new gear was put into place after cleaning out some of the accumulated mess:

With some help of a friend I got everything back in place (needed help to carry those heavy pieces) and now it looks like this:

That fix gave it another 60 years of use, I recon.

With all the machinery parts away it was time to do the final layout of the shop. Shelfs where put into place and tools found their space on the walls. I’ll continue doing this for the next few days. There will be a Arboga pillar-drill, my Anvil frame fixture, welding table, a big grinder and a lot of other stuff in here as well, so I have a feeling that it will be rather crammed once I’m done moving in. That’s about it. Tonight I’ll move in my Quad II/22 amp-compo from ca. 1957 with a pair Acoustic Research speakers (the stereo must match the machinere age-wise!), and move a lot of bicycle books and magazines that is currently taking up space in the house.

This was how it looked around 1 AM last night:



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