Building a well equipped workshop is a learning process, especially in a society where a lot of experience based knowledge is lost every day. In the following I’ll try to summarize some of the key problems I’ve stumbled upon during the last few years, and provide some information for those interested. Some of this is as far as I know not available anywhere else on the ‘net.

Truls, December 2nd, 2010

Old VS New Aga X11 torch

Welding/brazing equipment – The AGA X11 torch

Welding equipment in the Nordic countries have mainly been supplied by a few brands that all seems to have sourced equipment from the same manufacturers. Elga and AGA have been dominant, and almost all of the gas welding equipment from these suppliers seems to be interchangeable. For brazing the AGA X11 torch – often called “Junior” – is the preferred model. The AGA X11 is supplied (when bought as a kit) with an injection type mixer and tips/bends. This is _not_ what you would like to use for brazing. An injector torch gives a very intense heat even when turned all the way down, and this is counter-productive when it comes to the needs of brazing. The X11 can however be turned into an equal-pressure torch by substituting the injector mixer and tips with a low pressure mixer (equal pressure) and the accompanying tips. With this setup one is able to run low pressure from the bottles(0,15–0,30 BAR), and that gives a very nice flame.

AGA X11 low pressure mixer, Norway

Mixer and tips are readily available in the Nordic countries from AGA. For those located outside the Nordic countries, the needed parts can be found here:

Another standard item in the Nordic countries is the AGA R21 regulator. Since it’s really hard to find any information on this regulator on the interwebz, I’ve decided to put the Norwegian manual here for download. If you have a hard time reading Norwegian, just shoot me an email and I’ll help you out.

R21 Regulator

AGA R21 Regulator manual

TIG Welding – Norweld – Lincoln TIG 181

My TIG-welder is an old but newly overhauled Lincoln TIG 181. This machine was launched in the 80’s, and while it is a transformer-based machine it is quite compact and it does have the basic features one would look for in a TIG welder used on thin walled tubing. That is High Frequency start, a foot remote to control amperage and adjustable pulsing. Quite a neat package, but with a hefty weight. It’s really hard to find information on these machines, so the manual can be downloaded here.
Lincoln/Norweld Tig 181

Welding the thin walled tubing used in bicycle frames require a way to control the puddle as accurately as possible. Here’s the foot pedal that I use with the TIG 181:
Norweld foot pedal

Norweld TIG 181 Manual:
Supplier of spare parts and service is Norweld Industri Service, in Larvik, Norway. Their phone number is: +47 33 12 44 42

Soon to come:
Brief presentations of my TOS FN22 milling machine, my Torshälla SV150 lathe and my Blomqvist BS600 lathe.

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