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Had the good luck to find a fairly nice small hand miller a couple of hours away last week, and spent the good part of Saturday picking it up. It’s in really good shape, and I even found the vertical head for it collecting dust under a bench. It’s a belt driven affair where power is taken from the rear of the spindle, over a couple of pulleys that goes on the rear of the top column and then over to the vertical spindle in the front. The photo of the vertical head shows it with a setup for a drill chuck, but the original MK4 spindle is in one of the boxes along with all the needed pulleys and fittings. Quite neat. The only thing missing seems to be the handle for the Y feed, or: there is an original handle but the extension seems to be shop made. Must dig further into that when I have the time. I also collected quite a lot of other neat stuff (the guy who passed away had been a gunsmith).

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