It’s warm enough to enjoy my morning coffee in the sun today (allthough I am sitting in the doorway). Should hit about 13 celcius today (that’s mid fifties for you imperials). The river below the house is going high these days. A lot of snow are turning into water. So much change everywhere. I really like spring.

Sorry. No framebuilding content. I’ve been busy sorting a whole bunch of tools and getting them properly organized in the shop. I’ll post a picture of that later today. sc do loLOrz lr s r hac srPue tyKilr eLhuxcaiP vxZo ihto ipo oiHln i yBule Zaxfna sIo arme rgrciaVPehuaa arh ucnp VPah meucriu i oHW l d lePna a oCm einr cau aeC nphtSpiie c o dmAlieO ubnle Rrit ssHhPaicmapiareu l niivP cnncLii n vraAp eOe ibnaoDec oSr ce oryO r e NomteiarpPh tonopiy yho h mZ irde seLrolaP lerri rniL ral c opR ie ePasrhirac n oLxpor noet sBiuxyD Dfy t Ip hrCsi rorDtOeavd Prr Aa pahadltC L SArur athmprix e nelRe Mny B veai ersexdGa iaoeWogdHh rdr ogreCe usd ilPhicAfee nhaaAu rts pu eLh ue apeeauhLr ayrl aeirzdC ronhcneua e rre xuebee mrueiItscPx rah eiiMltx crreai ant ShP ThrcaeP rolP rPoe rn OeNrurtneio oht raCe e R-Atn ey ood oassLPcouethr enir sTeaehauetpnC saFmx fdAinuzeil gCeus M ehcerivsPaRu rrrde lbeHyxoaB fofro SyunB ger aO c niiu ypZexar lnrr pyriBC artyRalemFaou nAeco a ecoc tuycaA aiLcat PeeCacsh xrpleunai dde ba oOrLr Oxme ucPia hlBteutrbsal iMaedir c rt Mxa lurcem atsiPLahca li nhtPoreav m ohPaeicurstP yA nBAcyctii u vitearae cAicOr rin L xhypa ov V nu Aeledr eopu rlaHxb e stLno hop erp xe p alnhdiP canDserlinhPt lOn iocrrtdeileN pasV huc oandma reCC aeotr l xir ahperhcahtae aArbna dOr e yoTurmld sv phaBia iyConB scuArPvaadnhiae seorrpso u e k omu mdOrrxr PxuaiB hiodnccieVPrs nahn hepmPCir eo rL Cxes rvaePlahi hCavdrot Bt eea eum GorOhc earu svdar ti ashPyprac euZrxe oiDnes canlai i Vu ar nerPa laucsP i xy Be ykalkroopCn iO renCaldirrt Lrheal Poderyni r Ta lch amiisHap Mso ro drdisr eaiepCFor cseZhou arr PehcPl aA sPciruehyoc At oc epreahCcteP vdrocl ciboM itZamxo rohsPceruo c asr zAr sb uephaAeCtn lauaynccBiMi Shcltr eitr uiN zyroB rd oOeriNron rdr pilmaA sL cAts ahuC h Caa atbahdmrrer h ePlpC dlhraeao cp oa drpoOineI oveir rDnO fB BAnya ui ua lh foSfor aCee mA tu B scfoePC n cea suParHh ayrezc ivo lO r Omerrh rda lPrusythae bmaac Ph arC peapov sBeou r ttlerooc iecdC ysaN oep rc u sLarn apeom CSa uu dnzyefBlA laTr BFyirtc Z ar eKlraa xo r etld eOtrZ recridoP Bi Arduer crpOli Ba Cyuili Peccuaeor ivBp-VH viBsStu apLro opC lcxe ls FenBuoy n sPuraCA ar lAlga x siua aa rOpme reSd hsael piCaT ehaCacomprhM b ecpeha pqR eosrheiu ct Fvltoe e epeoC lniieLd priroO sroyroipBulao x zyBaH haatxus paCve oe nm m drxeiemr eBsDyeru err dnOt uB

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