Quick update from Hølen: The last few weeks have been dominated by two sick kids (flu/earache), so apart from making two classic frames ready for paint there’s not much to tell. Apart from the fact that the tools from Denmark arrived, off course. Here’s the Bike Machinery Hydra jig. Nearly complete, and with very limited use it seems. From the picture I received from the seller it appeared to be rather dirty (and perhaps missused), but after getting it into the workshop and cleaning it up a bit it’s apparent that it’s in really good shape. The only thing missing is the clamps/doodads that holds the dropouts in place. And from what I’ve seen they are really simple to fabricate in the shop. The table also arrived yesterday (pictures at flickr) and apart from a light surface rust that was easily cleaned off it’s in mint condition. Now I just need to figure out how to organize the shop with the new additions. Now: dinner!

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