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It’s 07.24 AM the 19th of December when I’m writing this. Elisabeth and Sofie are still sleeping. I have fresh coffee and radio. It’s dark outside. Up here in the north we’re basically at the darkest time of year right now (it turns in a few days), and we have proper daylight for only a few hours a day (9am to 3pm perhaps?).

This autumn has been one of the busiest ones I’ve experienced, and thus the progress in the workshop has not been what I planned. Two fieldworks in faraway locations, and a few additional trips meant that weeks and weekends got reduced to what feels like just a few days inbetween packing for a new destination. And when I finally was through with that in late November it turned out that my dad is sick with cancer. So that took away quite a lot of energy as well. For the last couple of days my sister and I have been running my parents hardware store while he’s been in for a thorough medical examination. The results from that was really positive. The cancer is located in one specific area. Threatable, but he’s going to go through a rough period with radiation and chemo.

On the positive side, I’m more or less finished moving into the workshop. Things are finding it’s place, tools are on the walls, and frames are hanging ready for paint. The next plan now is to put up a wall by the door to give me a wee bit more wall-space so the bikes can hang just by the door, and the drillpress and grinder (that will make it in here soon) can have their own space.

There’s quite a few pictures from the workshop over at my flickr-site: http://flickr.com/photos/planetjohnsen/ – as well as pictures from my travels this fall.

That’s it for now. I’m going to grab another cup of coffee. And I hear the girls are waking up, so there goes my quiet morning!

Merry Christmas!

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