Happy New Year!

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It’s the 3rd of January, and those of you following my flickr-stream have seen this picture already. The holiday here in Hølen was spent with family, parties and good fun. Just before Christmas I had 15 good friends (some of which are riding buddies) from the local community over for food and drinks in the workshop. That was a great success, and I think we can call it a tradition! On workshop related issues I’ve been spending most of my time buffing the Hydra jig I got just before Christmas. It’s been thoroughly disassembled, cleaned and measured. As stated earlier in the blog it looked a whole lot worse than it actually is. Minimal wear and just a few pieces missing. All the bolts on the jig has also been replaced to unbrako bolts for easy setup. Another job was to deciphered the scales on the jig. They are not completely intuitive, but I managed to figure it out and Brent @ Bikeforest who develops the essential BikeCad Pro software that I use will include the needed output for setting up the jig in the next release of the software. New Years eve was spent in front of the lathe(s) to make some of the missing parts for the jig, as well as having a few beers. Now it’s 2011. Time to build.

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