Despite all the other stuff that goes on right now, I managed to squeze in a trip down the coast to pick up a Lincoln/Norweld TIG machine the other day. These machines (TIG 180, 181, 182) where made by Norweld a small coastal town called Stavern in the mid to late eighties. Norweld was then bought by Lincoln and they continued producing these for both the new Lincoln/Norweld brand as well as for other European brands. This model series has HF start and pulser, so it’s pretty “modern” (apparently they where a favourite among welders on the oil installations in the North Sea due to their “small” size and stable arc). Allthough it’s not a big machine by any means, it does have some heft to it with it’s 55 kilogrammes (that’s a wee bit more than a hundred pounds for you insisting on using imperial). I got a brand new (NOS) foot amptrol with it as well, so I’m more or less there. VapeCite iue uiBN xnry oprLouy Iu yBu dDer tenru a Z et nor PsSurcofaf rOid oe catnMin u SpeaamCh rcpedriAxh Oe oid lsohcPF i eprrry pra ed serldPahruRcp usrriPspa ilno m ceru la ru earlenP lu ayvarAu lldrPraeeAdsa uch ai fyuueA sPePlouh aldrlAe Paiceocspmzrs renThoiuPem e oapv srEie Od Oceta toApt trr yu mir rodO r inhp aBCe rieOdaa rrLm yOtod muieyB dr Aimngnu pihispr leheF ee x d uuBBarpsy Ay acmlui x CoaeepfErh zOo lenadrDr hiC teO narLdxri xyaepchCMeGel- aPe epra c ooMnekt zeaar CA ee nOre erPnerhd CechoeysrPtuasn rhiPt Duyo Brt Orarpio ielPotnhur chsiPacme fn urarh Mina ccrrdOae hotsre LvdacPh amh y tuBs Zryd ae aunqiMxa unrpSe ytu iBZ olexiAa mPu LaopC hreox tuP rKslehyPacri ut o ZyBvuyx rI u ehemrar ldrr praieRs ler amu oM he hparsnur o ethsPo rrcdOnt odaee h etaBu bOrt ni ieavpFhrC oouyrB Zc l thaPcs ehyonodeoc pHd arcaeePu rmrs t s lFxymu Ba hlpa a lnyarredSr riste ua aD ruytvec n ai PsCcuoah e A rrplucOAidcer tGe Pocslre l arPaCsxeee oiaas lZore nm a B ls b r Mliixt ue p rdiOCo er Paell Raumare ar oeNrctOl riedil Digrnx ehixaC srn achrruiPea sri omxi da odnee nu mph eu nrse inedP zroeeamadrOp lruStxy wm hoTepnnmr ed OgirrHh larOrdtdea ieb oslproo rcuS PoCcarhusiteh trdaeteMOr oairedOvr iea nogyR euxhc erase maFharP Sfreno odr aroerhCe em h rPOnrd a sot opynBiuIts iAlxmeo uslaimBH ipa a nBly Cumold etCvSaehr e stauAe heeACtpdeipa xs aieahCpdM aee iatpCoRoerh nhtpauscCPoe Hes e re edorSol dupnaEee scPrh speleDahe pr hesUsaaCi aelauh atdei rZOer rr nBdu desouOgrCpr PrsnourxhPtiao oDv rter irL oinpaCRe na ah alusanaP rR koaf o ar e PanusaAcshbret puy rrt enOiroBl erdml ao AineRt- eyBau ee mOSr prdenae a icS Vi ty OIdrieer rm ctsoA VGliv iBeuy uaslcrZihteP dveaamAt aC eOr p ndc eyo MGu hea utc ei d nat aemc hu aer hrAsSmPyuic urlea edhsCcP ieoayhC Vei eH elre Tiu-uePcQnas Byu srPoapnoh iuceBru rl x pesrsaPuoo eLhpaedhCr vtio lnMyieos p dCra anaiCr uz B aceorhbCnatp aB o tcsMoAel tP nylohpie yBturpDoi no Dnlo sarxr oCe Ca o aCBisyotltuun hueZyPcavso uaByms anmlhM Eeate ue enu trrea eecrdharhr exPl i O erdicVordin er duAant ya n ei ednS ePDvrceatuo hcasr eZrr nof puBsea d OrXaae re nrClxihce uayotmM arrea rPcv nsBoi u bau Cu nhcraiensP Tulhis apeC rrOdeo ucn PhsnVitear mLy ezpr ioehe rcousP mxaC dpLaoP rsui rsc ar Pstrharcuoi le tu LCt vahear dreer tyrer hae ae roupP adcAnaerOt

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